понедељак, 26. октобар 2009.

How Would You React If You Saw Your Girlfriend On a Free Teen Tube?

Imagine you are browsing through the free sex teens tube and by pure coincidence you catch a glimpse of one of the girls in a video - who is the spitting image of your girlfriend. In fact it IS your girlfriend. What would your reaction be? Surprise? Anger? Pleasure?

If you are genuinely surprised, then your girlfriend has obviously been giving you a totally different impression of who she really is. If deep down, you never imagined that she would appear on teens tube videos, then either you did not know her very well, or she is a very good actress.

Surprise is the first reaction in 99% of these cases when a boyfriend does not have previous knowledge of his girlfriends online activities. But once the shock and surprise pass, it opens the floodgates for one of two reactions - anger or arousal.

By far the majority of men would initially be furious at finding that their girlfriend participates in free teen porn movies. They may visit the websites, they may watch free teen sex videos, but that is someone else s girlfriend on the screen not theirs. The dominant alpha male lurking inside you comes out in full force. Double standards here we come!

However, if you stop and think about it, the fact that your girlfriend appears in free teen sex videos puts you at a distinct advantage. Think for a moment about all the advantages you could benefit from:

- She obviously enjoys sex
- She is much less inhibited than the majority of women
- If she is willing to do that on film, she will almost certainly be more adventurous in the bedroom

Or maybe that is what makes you so angry, on the free teen tube does she look like she is enjoying herself alot more than she ever has with you? Perhaps that is because she has never felt able to fully express herself, afraid of your reaction. If you show her that you want her just as she is , you might just release a lioness she has kept hidden from you until now.

OK, perhaps she should have been more open with you, but what she does in the free teen sex videos is just acting, and does not have to affect your relationship with your girlfriend. In fact, it could make it even better!